Private guided Tasting
at your accommodation

- Bolgheri, Tuscany -

Enjoy a private tasting experience to discover the many different expressions of the Bolgheri terroir. 

Private Tasting
Private Tasting

Discover and enjoy the secrets behind this very unique terroir in Tuscany. We will offer a superior expression of this incredible terroir with offerings ranging from ready-to-drink wines to bottles with strong aging potential.

At the end of the experience, you will have the possibility to purchase the wines which you have enjoyed the most, we will take care of the shipment and  you’ll treasure your memories once the vacation is over!

Bolgheri Doc, one terroir, different expressions

A tasting experience to discover the Bolgheri DOC appellation and its many different personalities. The selection includes 4 wines:

  • 1 Bolgheri DOC Rosè
  • 1 Bolgheri DOC Vermentino
  • 1 Bolgheri DOC Rosso
  • 1 Bolgheri DOC Superiore

Supertuscan experience, simply the best

A tasting experience to compare only supertuscan red wines under the appellation Bolgheri DOC. The selection includes 4 wines:

  • 1 Bolgheri DOC Rosso
  • 1 Bolgheri DOC Rosso Single Vineyard
  • 1 Bolgheri DOC Superiore
  • 1 Bolgheri DOC Superiore Single Vineyard